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In the built environment, change is accelerating and we need to keep up. Buro Happold is searching for deeper insight, raising the big questions facing all of us working in engineering and architecture today. This is the first series of podcasts from Buro Happold, recorded as we went into lockdown earlier this year. Join the debate, as we talk to everyone from architects to engineers, digital experts to academics, looking for genuine, workable solutions to construction’s most urgent issues.

July 16, 2020

One size does not fit all in modular construction

Can we transform offsite manufacturing with better data? Engineering design firms need to refocus on outcomes when it come to prefabrication. If we want our structures to endure and adapt to the changing world, we need to get everyone talking to each other along the supply chain, from design to manufacture to construction. In this podcast, we talk about using live data from construction sites to inform decision-making along the supply chain, aid the business case for change and investment, and most importantly, improve modular solutions in design standardization. With insight from Matthew Gough, Director of Innovation and Head of Bids at MACE, and Alain Waha and Wolf Mangledorf from Buro Happold.


July 16, 2020

Maintaining creativity in a pre-fab world

Many say that MMC over-simplifies construction. It creates "cookie-cutter" buildings, which may cost less, but they also quash innovation, stifle creativity and create problems in the supply chain. Our experts don’t agree. This podcast looks at the preconceptions around industrialised design, including an in-depth look at how the supply chain can be adapted to include more modern methods of construction without sacrificing quality, diversity or aesthetics. With insight and discussion from Mark Ireland, chief engineer, technology strategy, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) alongside Buro Happold's Mike Cook, Franck Robert and Alain Waha.

July 16, 2020

How to stay cool and save the planet

Feeling a bit hot? You may need to adjust your expectations – as the world heats up, our idea of what a comfortable temperature is, is going to change. In this episode, Buro Happold’s specialists in heating and cooling discuss the fact that worldwide use of air conditioning is likely to triple by 2050, making it one of the major sources of electricity demand, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The impact of this growth on the environment is particularly concerning. However, new technology means air conditioning solutions will look very different in 30 years’ time. District cooling, passive design and ambient heat loops all have a role to play in the new, hotter, “normal”, but alongside technological solutions, we also have to look at our behaviour, and how to adjust to manage the heat. With insight from some of Buro Happold's energy team, including Lara Balazs, James Dickinson, Nick Boid and Adam Dyson.

July 16, 2020

What happens when a building stops being useful?

What do we do when a building or structure just isn’t useful anymore? As technology transforms our economies and lifestyles, our urban infrastructure must evolve to adapt to changing circumstances. Railways, bridges, office blocks, ports, piers and waterways that fall into disrepair are not only a commercial risk for the owner, they are a blight on the local community.  However, these so-called stranded assets have immense potential to spark improvements to our cities. What is Buro Happold doing to regenerate and transform these assets?  Most importantly, what should our industry be doing to prevent such occurrences? Featuring Richard Ainsley, Roger Savage, Alice Shay, Cristobal Correa and Craig Schwitter.

July 16, 2020

Data is king. So why is the uptake of data in AEC so slow?

The architecture, engineering and construction industry is not using data to its full advantage. How can we ease the “fear” of data in facilities managers and contractors? This discussion brings in tech experts alongside Buro Happold's engineers to examine why data is not being used fully across all the stages of a project. What are the barriers that stop clients and engineers embracing data at every stage, from planning to post-construction? What else can we do to help clients understand the business benefits and value augmentation that data brings? Eduardo Bayod, head of London office at Fide Partners and Steven Wood, senior commercial manager at Digital Catapult join Buro Happold colleagues Irfan Soneji, Tom Hopton and Phil Proctor in finding some answers.

July 16, 2020

How to design in happiness

Can good design truly make us happy? We spend the majority of our time in buildings, so shouldn’t we have a better understanding of how they make us feel? This podcast addresses how bad design affects our physical and mental health, and what we can do to make happiness a priority in all of our buildings. There is also the question of designing buildings for those with additional needs – how do we put choice and control at the heart of our designs?

Ben Channon, Architect at Assael Architecture and Author of Happy By Design, is joined by Buro Happold's Mike Entwistle, Adam Poole and Jean Hewitt in this far-reaching discussion.